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Be Bold!

February 20, 2018

Be Bold!

We like to have fun around here and that includes having fun with our fashions. We carry some really funky scarves and hats guaranteed to add a little pizzazz to any outfit you have. Now grab that awesomely cute tote (yes, that one!) and you're ready for work, play, vacation, or whatever floats your boat! (Like my grannie always used to say, "If you wanna wear purple polkadots, then wear purple polkadots. Whatcha worried about?") Ok, granted she was a little cranky, but this is still good advice. Be Bold. 

Do you have trouble visualizing how things go together? If you need some suggestions just tell me what you like, and I am happy to help with ideas. I will even put together some stuff and take pics for you. (But remember, they don't call me Krazie Dazie for nothing!)

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