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Forge Your Own Path

March 21, 2018

Forge Your Own Path

I confess. I hate being told what I *should* do. That includes how I should wear my hair, what color it should (or should not) be, what clothes I should or should not wear, or what shoes I should wear with that outfit. So when one of my friends has a little seizure over the fact that I let some gray hairs show here and there, I just laugh. I happen to like those little grays. They give me dignity.

In most cases I think the advice of the “fashion police” should be duly noted, and then promptly ignored. (By the way, I did not vote for those folks, did you?) The next time you open the pages of your favorite fashion mag, take a good look at some the “in” things for the season. Often times I simply chuckle and wonder who the heck is going to wear (much less buy) that weirdness. Remember, in your own universe, you are the Queen, the Boss, the Chief of the Fashion Police. You bow to no one!

Back in the day, I was a fashion model and had fun with it. As I am getting older, though, I see the problem of younger ladies being so stressed out about how they look that it becomes a tremendous burden to them. Even when I was working in fashion, I never let that pressure influence me. It still doesn’t. I actually know someone who ended up in bankruptcy because she constantly spent money trying to duplicate “the look” of a particular celeb (who shall go unnamed.) Sadly, she didn’t believe me when I told that I thought she looked better, prettier, and happier when she wasn’t trying so hard. There are times when the “less is more” mantra needs to be trotted out in full view.

Ladies (and guys), forge your own path. Travel the path that makes you, you. Don’t ever let someone else dictate what that is.

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