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Yes, Red is Back!

March 12, 2018

Yes, Red is Back!

Yes, Red is Back!

This implies that Red was gone, right? It wasn’t gone exactly, but it hasn’t really been In Your Face, either (until recently, that is). And by the way, I have to tell you that ladies “of a certain age” still consider wearing red anywhere other than a prom to be “edgy” and a little bit naughty.

Like all styles and colors, red has come and gone in popularity. Sure, the ever-famous Red Dress worn so elegantly by the rich and famous at the Oscars has always been popular. The message: if you want to be seen, wear red.

Sure, red t-shirts and blouses, tops, and sweaters are always on the list of best selling colors. But what about skirts and pants? How often do you see red pants? Red coats? Red shoes? Red handbags? Red hats? More and more we are seeing these and I confess that I always notice a red handbag or red shoes. Always. I look twice at those bold red accessories, while wondering about the person who chooses that less-than-subtle piece. (In my brain I am applauding them with a fist bump and a little high five.)


 If you haven’t really noticed, look around. Red is making its way into the mainstream more and more. Not just on the fashion runway or Hollywood red carpet. So maybe you aren’t quite ready for a bright red dress at the office, but maybe you should think about trying something a little less… um, daring?

You all know our motto here at KrazieDazie, so let's say it together.... BE BOLD! 

Here are some accessory ideas (all in red!) that might just do the trick.

KrazieDazie Scarves (all at $9.00)




KrazieDazie Handbags (under $50)           



KrazieDazie Hats (under $17)



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