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About Us - Contact Info

Hello! We are a small family business located in Colorado. We pride ourselves on exceptional Customer Service. We feel strongly that our customers will be loyal and come back to us again and again because we go the extra step to ensure our products are handled with love and care. 

We personally inspect, pack, label, and ship directly from here. No dropshippers. Your items will not arrive to you all rumpled, crumpled, wadded up, crinkled or wrinkled. You should be "ready to go" literally right out of the box.

Always feel free to call us (toll free, of course!) or shoot us an email. In fact, you can call or write for any of the following reasons:

     1. You just want to say Hi.

     2. You just want to jibber-jabber for awhile.

     3. You want to tell us how much you love our stuff.

     4. You want to check the current weather in Colorado.

     5. You have a random question.

     6. You need help with a math problem.

     7. You feel like complaining (preferably not about us!). Kidding. Call anyway.

I promise you will get a prompt response!

Phone:  1-800-484-0160



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